About us

What is Monex?

Monex as a financial technology company registered in the UK and provide secure payment solutions and shopping assistance to its thousands of online sellers and buyers. Monex is the combination of two “money“ and “express“ words pronunciation and abbreviation of “Easy and express money“, secure and seamless with its innovative fin-tech solutions.

How it works?

There are two levels of activity in the Monex

1 Merchants :

Merchant accounts can accept Monex payment methods on their websites for free. We don’t charge commission.

2 Buyers :

Buyers can use Monex vouchers instead of cash or card. Buy and sale of the Monex voucher is too easy through our agents.


What are commotion rate and transaction fee?

If you’re a corporate seller, the commission rate is 2% of the total invoice amount at the time of code creation.

There is no charge for merchants and buyers.